New Approaches, Techniques and Tools for Engagement

Innovation Round

In this Innovation Round, participants will learn about experimentation with and implementation of new approaches and techniques for community engagement.

Speakers will share how new tools and programs are bringing different voices and ideas for shaping inclusive parks and public spaces. Participants will have the opportunity for direct discussion with presenters in the second half of the session.


  • Identify innovative approaches and techniques for community engagement in parks and public spaces, including experimentation and testing of emerging tools and programs.
  • Identify effective ways to implement new approaches to community engagement in communities and projects.
  • Outline approaches on how to build a bilingual outreach program.
  • Discuss how diverse voices and ideas are being incorporated into the design and management of inclusive public spaces.
  • Discuss strategies or fostering inclusivity and equity in community engagement initiatives related to parks and public spaces.


Lisa Hernandez

Senior Engagement Manager, Houston Parks Board

John King

Manager , Recreation, Dallas Parks and Recreation Department

Erin Kirkpatrick

Community Services Manager, City of Tempe Parks and Recreation

Andrea Tacdol

Community Partnerships Manager, The Presidio Trust

Allison Lukacsy-Love

Senior Director, Major Projects (Downtown and Waterfronts), Greater Cleveland Partnership