John King

Manager , Recreation at Dallas Parks and Recreation Department

John King is an accomplished and passionate professional with an impressive 30-year career in the park and recreation industry. With a love for nature and a commitment to creating memorable experiences for others, John has dedicated his life to enhancing public spaces and bringing communities closer to the great outdoors.

Throughout his career, John has held various roles, from Recreation Supervisor to Area Manager of park and recreation services. His expertise lies in overseeing the maintenance and improvement of parks, implementing innovative programming, and managing teams dedicated to creating safe and enjoyable environments. John’s ability to blend strategic planning with a deep understanding of community needs has allowed him to successfully develop innovative programs and initiatives.

His creative ideas and unwavering commitment to excellence have resulted in the development of exciting recreational facilities, art installations, and eco-friendly initiatives.


New Approaches, Techniques and Tools for Engagement

Monday, June 24
2:15 PM - 3:30 PM