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  • Renée Myers

    Executive Director
    Forest Park Conservancy
  • Laura Cottam Sajbel

    Love Austin Pools
  • Christopher Spahr

    Executive Director
    Centennial Parkside Community Development Corporation
  • Stephen Burrington

    Executive Director
    Groundwork USA
  • Go Fish!

    THIS WEEKEND TOUR IS AT CAPACITY.The South Platte River has undergone a massive cleanup and restoration effort over the last 30 years. On June 16, 1965, fourte…

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  • Locally-Sourced and Enjoyed

    Spend the day learning about the vibrant urban agriculture food scene in Denver. You will learn how food can be used as a powerful tool in economic growth, per…

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  • Urban Agriculture: Growth in a Food Desert

    Community development in a rapidly changing city continues to challenge Denver’s most economically marginalized neighborhoods. Two particular organizations: De…

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  • Christine Adams

    Partnership Manager
    Denver Parks and Recreation
  • Lesly Melendez

    Deputy Director
    Groundwork Lawrence
  • Brandon Ransom

    Recreation Manager
    Denver Water
  • Anjali Mahendra

    Director of Research
    World Resources Institute (WRI)
  • Heather Runkel

    Senior Park Project Manager
    Denver Parks and Recreation
  • Bike the High Line Canal: A Crown Jewel of Denver’s Trail Network

    Meandering 71 miles through the diverse physical and social mosaic of the region, experiencing the High Line Canal means connecting with nature and communities…

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  • Harriet Crittenden LaMair

    Executive Director
    High Line Canal Conservancy
  • Mark Tabor

    Principal Park Planner
    Denver Parks & Recreation
  • Tanya Müller García

    Former Secretary of Environment CDMX
  • Peggy Stewart

    Assistant Director - Culture, Arts and Nature
    Chicago Park District
  • John Hausdoerffer

    Dean, School of Environment & Sustainability
    Western Colorado University
  • Kathy Piper

    Senior Landscape Architect
    City of Westminster Parks, Recreation, and Libraries Department
  • Beth Nordlund

    Executive Director
    Anchorage Park Foundation