Funding Community-Initiated Projects

Innovation Round

In this Innovation Round, participants will learn about unique approaches to funding community-led initiatives and discuss strategies for finding additional support for them. 

Speakers will share examples of programs that are responsive to and lift up community and stakeholder goals. Participants will have the opportunity for direct discussion with presenters in the second half of the session.


  • Identify diverse funding sources and innovative financing models suitable for supporting community-led initiatives.
  • Identify strategies for engaging stakeholders and fostering partnerships to enhance the sustainability and impact of community-initiated projects.
  • Define the key components of participatory budgeting in the idea collection and selection phase.
  • Discuss examples of successful programs that align with community and stakeholder objectives, recognizing key strategies and components contributing to successful projects.
  • Discuss actionable plans for securing additional funding support and refining existing community-initiated projects.


Mash Salehomoum

Program Manager, Vancouver, Park People

Shaquan Smith

Strategic Advisor | Planner | Program Manager, City of Seattle Parks and Recreation

Sarah Katz-Hyman

Senior Project Manager, San Francisco Parks Alliance

Rachel Banner

Strategic Advisor, City of Seattle Parks & Recreation