Using Technology & Data to Enhance Accessibility

Innovation Round

In this Innovation Round, participants will learn about projects and approaches to provide more equitable access to parks and public spaces. Speakers will share examples of how technology and data are being used to better understand current usage and to intentionally improve access from an equity perspective. Participants will have the opportunity for direct discussion with presenters in the second half of the session.

Support for this session is provided by The Knight Foundation.


  • Identify strategies and projects that promote equitable access to parks and public spaces, considering the needs of diverse communities and populations.
  • Recognize the role of technology and data analytics in assessing current usage patterns and identifying areas for improvement to enhance equitable access to parks and public spaces.
  • Give examples of methodologies for data collection and analysis to identify underserved neighborhoods and prioritize equitable investments.
  • Discuss how the intentional use of technology and data can inform decision-making processes to prioritize equity in park and public space planning.
  • Discuss practical applications and potential challenges associated with implementing technology-driven approaches to improve equitable access to parks and public spaces.


Lakita Frazier

Senior Consultant, BerryDunn

Annie Hindenlang

Planning Manager, Seattle Parks and Recreation

Gordon Robertson

Director- Parks Planning, Design and Construction, Denver Parks and Recreation

Christian Merfeld

Director of Communications and Public Relations, Boston Harbor Now

Cayce James

Senior Planner, City of Seattle