Private Sector Roles in Creating More Equitable Park Systems


Our plenary will feature a moderated panel dialogue about the roles of the private sector in building and sustaining more equitable park systems. Join us for a discussion among Seattle-based global and regional private-sector leaders about, among other topics:

  • What they see as the specific and unique roles that the private sector can play as an effective partner in building and sustaining more equitable park systems with local governments and their nonprofit and community partners.
  • The hardest challenges for private sector entities doing place-based work with governmental, nonprofit and community partners, and lessons learned from how they overcame them.
  • How the private sector and governmental partners can better align goals, expectations and roles in how they partner on supporting more equitable parks and green space systems in cities.

Plenary Speakers

Sally Jewell

Former U.S. Secretary of the Interior

Shannon Loew

Vice President of Global Corporate Real Estate and Facilities, Amazon

Maya Mendoza-Exstrom

Chief Business Officer, Seattle Reign FC

Mari Horita

Senior Vice President, Social Impact & Government Relations, Seattle Kraken

Marc Berejka

President, REI Cooperative Action Fund, REI Co-Op