Integrating Actionable Research into Park Climate Planning

Topical Peer Conversation

How can park systems leverage the power of research partners to address climate-based threats? The pace at which climate change is impacting communities and municipal parks often stresses departmental resources. 

Discussion leaders will identify the knowledge and science gaps that cities need to fill to increase the climate resilience of their managed landscapes and share a unique partnership between a university and parks department to strategically support the agency’s efforts in climate resilience, habitat, and equitable access to green space. Inaugural research is focused on how to optimize plant choices to maximize pollinator habitat, climate resilience, and social values across city parks and neighborhoods. Participants will explore whether the model could allow other cities to increase the impact of their climate resilience work.


Jessica Andersen

Urban Ecology Supervisor, Denver Parks & Recreation

Jennifer Kovecses

Assistant Director of Programs, Salazar Center