Greater & Greener 2022 brings together more than 750 urban park leaders, city planning and design professionals, public officials, advocates, funders, and innovators from across the world for four days of wide-reaching discussions, dynamic dialogue, and energizing workshops on ways to keep parks at the forefront of innovation, civic priority, and public engagement.

Greater & Greener 2022 volunteers are the heart and soul of the Conference, providing welcome assistance, key information, and expert guidance to all Conference participants and guests.  Whether assisting with indoor breakout sessions, outdoor mobile workshops, and weekend tours, helping with Conference and Event registration, or providing general support to Conference organizers, our Conference Volunteers will be the face of the Conference and will serve as the foundation upon which the success of Greater & Greener 2022 will be built.

Volunteer Qualifications

  • Must have a passion for and interest in the goals and objectives of the Greater & Greener 2022 Conference
  • Must be enthusiastic and have a friendly outgoing personality
  • Should possess excellent communication skills and be comfortable working with people of all backgrounds, ages, and professions
  • Dedication, commitment, reliability, and professionalism are essential
  • Familiarity with Philadelphia neighborhoods, logistics & offerings is desired
  • Expertise with specific topics addressed in individual Conference programs and offerings is a plus
  • Additional languages spoken also a plus


Volunteer Requirements

  • 18 years of age or older
  • Access to a smart-phone required
  • Attendance at a brief mandatory training session prior to the Conference
  • Minimum commitment of at least one (1) four-hour block.  Full-day (eight-hour) or multiple-day commitments are welcome
  • Ability to work indoors and out of doors in all variety of weather

Individual assignments might have additional requirements as indicated in the Volunteer Opportunities section below.

Volunteer Opportunities

Tour Assistants: Greater & Greener 2022 offers 40-weekend tours and mobile workshops over five days. Tour Assistants work in conjunction with the Tour Leader to ensure that participants are comfortable and remain with the larger group. Tour Assistants will move the group to/from the tour/workshop location either by conference bus or mass transit. Tour Assistants “check” people into the tour using mobile scanners. The volunteer assignment is for the entire length of the tour plus 30 minutes prior to the start of the tour and 30 minutes after the tour as needed. Tour Assistants serve as a vital communications link between the tour leader, participants, and conference organizers.

Educational Assistants: Greater & Greener 2022 indoor breakout sessions are available for continuing education credits and will require an educational assistant to publicize and enforce the requirements of CEU credits; instructions are provided during volunteer training. Educational assistants must “check” people into the session using mobile scanners. Additionally, educational assistants will support room operations and will provide a key link to Conference organizers. As part of your role, you will have the opportunity to listen to panelists and learn about the featured topic. Educational Assistants must be at the room location 15 minutes prior to the start of the session and must remain in the session until all participants have left. Educational Assistants are encouraged to volunteer for at least two assignments.

Administrative Support (Runners and Information Assistants): Keynote, plenary, and breakout sessions will take place at the Sheraton Philadelphia Downtown hotel. Runners and floor captains are needed to keep participants moving and to provide administrative support (escorting people to rooms, messaging, and people management) on an as-needed basis. Runners are required to have a smartphone to access the conference mobile app to provide room locations and times. Runners and Information Assistants must commit, at minimum, to a four-hour continuous assignment.

Administrative Support (Registration): Registration (check-in) takes place at the Sheraton Philadelphia Downtown hotel. Registration assistants are needed to greet participants, assist in the electronic check-in process, and give participants their conference badges and materials. Registration assistants are the first “point of contact” for attendees. Registration volunteer assignments are a minimum of four hours and volunteers in this role are encouraged to multiple shifts as it requires specialized training.

Way-Finding Assistants: Greater & Greener 2022 takes place on two floors at the hotel. To effectively move a large number of participants between floors, we need high-energy individuals to provide way-finding services. A four-hour minimum assignment is required.

Event Support: We are looking for a limited number of individuals to assist us with badge verification/check-in at our opening and closing receptions. Volunteers in this role must be willing to remain at the registration desk throughout the event.