Sharon Musa

Urban to Wild Program Manager, Los Angeles at The Wilderness Society

Recently graduating from Princeton with degrees in Neuroscience and African American Studies, Sharon Musa has always been interested in the intersection between scientific concepts and people’s day-to-day lives. Her senior thesis focused on the effect of social anxiety on peer-to-peer social interactions, particularly in introductory conversations. In the past, she has been fortunate enough to research topics as wide-ranging as the framing of the diversity imperative in college and university systems to the therapeutic benefits of storytelling. In particular, she is passionate about addressing and mitigating the effects of environmental racism on low-income and non-white communities.

Sharon grew up in Southern California, and anyone from there knows that and anyone from there knows that Californians love to be outside. Besides taking herself on picnics, in her free time, Sharon likes to dance, travel, and cook, but especially, they love to eat.


Transit Solutions to Close the Park Equity Gap

Tuesday, June 25
2:15 PM - 3:30 PM