Tour Leaders

Jordan Ng

GIS Analyst at Seattle Parks and Recreation

Jordan is the lead GIS Analyst for Seattle Parks and Recreation, serving as a professional in information technology, and working as a public servant for over 10 years with dedication to the advancement of equity, inclusion, and belonging within the parks and recreation profession.

Graduating from the University of Washington in Geography: Geographic Information Systems, and American Indian Studies, Jordan became involved in GIS work within forestry, environmental science, and equity and social justice related fields, which led him to his career at Parks and Recreation within the City of Seattle government. Through technical leadership and expertise in cartography and data analytics, Jordan’s passion is to use his knowledge as a GIS Analyst to provide tools that help drive data-driven decision-making departmentwide, which ultimately serve to improve overall business operations, allocation of resources to communities, and equitable access to Seattle’s parks and greenspaces.


Cheasty Greenspace: Forest Trail Mapping with Mobile GIS Technology

Monday, June 24
2:15 PM - 5:15 PM