Jill Moore

Inclusive Play Specialist at Landscape Structures, Inc.

Jill Moore joined the Landscape Structures team in 2017 to add a voice of disability into the product development process, as well as inclusive design practices. As a full-time wheelchair user, Jill adds valuable perspective on disability and the impact of inclusion for all. With a specific focus on merging lived experience with universal design principles, Jill promotes and educates on integrating inclusion in play and bringing people with disabilities into the conversation.

As an accredited educational presenter, Jill leads continued education courses across the country, both in the classroom and the playground. During her lifetime, she has represented Team USA as a multi-sport athlete, bringing perspective on the importance of recreation and how imperative equitable access to play is for all.


Accessible and Inclusive Parks and Playgrounds

Tuesday, June 25
10:15 AM - 11:30 AM