Christian Amaral

Associate at SALT Landscape Architects

Christian Amaral is a Landscape Designer with seven years of experience in residential, commercial, and park design. Her experience in higher education in the Pacific Northwest (at the University of Oregon) showed her the importance and reverence for park and plaza space as an emotional and physical resource in daily life; very different from her relationship with parks growing up in Los Angeles.

Having witnessed the rapid evolution of the city’s demographic over the course of her life, she is particularly motivated to create community spaces for groups at risk of being overlooked amid all the change. Since returning to her home city, she has worked on projects ranging from high-rise residential developments to institutional and education. As a designer, she hopes to use her design knowledge and craft in parks and public spaces in underserved communities to enhance the community and enrich the local creative spirit.


Illuminating the Past and Healing the Present with Hidden Park Histories

Tuesday, June 25
10:15 AM - 11:30 AM