Tour Leaders

Camron Parker

Assistant Director at Bellevue Parks & Community Services

Camron is an Assistant Director with Bellevue Parks & Community Services. Drawing on a background in urban planning and community development, Camron has worked for over 20 years to leverage Bellevue’s impressive economic and physical growth to advance a mission to build a healthy community through an integrated system of exceptional parks, natural areas, recreation, arts and culture and a broad base of community services. Currently, Camron manages a team responsible for system and strategic planning, acquiring, designing and developing new parks and conserving undeveloped natural areas. Simply put, each day is about ensuring that Bellevue continues to live up to its long-held motto, ‘A City in a Park.’

Deeply rooted in the Pacific Northwest, Camron graduated from the University of Washington with a degree in Design and Planning Studies (Go Huskies!) and holds a Master of Urban and Regional Planning degree from Portland State University (Go Vikings!).


The Grand Connection: Funding Bellevue's Vision for a ‘City in a Park’

Tuesday, June 25
2:15 PM - 5:15 PM