Cameron Smith

Ph.D. Student at Clemson University

Cameron Smith is a native of Chapel Hill, NC with a professional background in implementing outdoor recreational activities in underserved communities. He is currently a doctoral student at Clemson University studying effective strategies to develop African-American youth through experimental and nature-based programming.

Professionally, he has primarily served as a Community Center Director in primarily low-income areas across the state of North Carolina. In this role, Cameron strives to create accessible opportunities for his community members by providing affordable programs, developing nature-based curriculums tailored to his specific population, and advocating for greater social needs and well-being for those he serves.

He continues to fight for those in underserved areas because he knows that it is not the talent or intelligence they lack, but the need for someone to speak for them and offer the proper opportunities for growth and success.


Race-Conscious Language to Promote Equity in Nature

Tuesday, June 25
10:15 AM - 11:30 AM