Bronwyn Nichols Lodato

Board Member at Olmsted Network

Bronwyn Nichols Lodato, Ph.D., brings extensive experience in park and non-profit leadership to her role on the Olmsted Network board. Her service is motivated by her own memorable experiences of the outdoors growing up in California. She is inspired by her children, whose sense of wonder was fueled through experiencing Olmsted parks and landscapes, whether family walks through the Midway Plaisance and Jackson Park or vacations visiting Central Park, Yosemite and the U.S. Capitol.

She is committed to ensuring that Olmsted landscapes and parks are experienced by all and endure for years to come. Nichols Lodato advocates for the protection and maintenance of parks as accessible, public spaces that are integral to the country’s infrastructure and vital to its citizens’ health. She emphasizes transparency and accountability in park oversight, while centering racial equity and environmental justice to protect and enhance the natural features in parks.


The Legacy and Continued Relevance of Olmsted Parks

Monday, June 24
10:45 AM - 12:00 PM