Angela Hill

Deputy Administrator at Shelby County Government, Environmental Health, and Sustainability

As a dedicated Parks and Recreation professional, a person of color, and a woman in this non-traditional career field, Angela demonstrates resilience and perseverance that is hoped to inspire colleagues and new professionals to keep moving forward.

Angela’s career includes over 14 years of Parks, Greenspace, and Conservation Experience. Her experience has included executive support of state and local initiatives. Angela served as the Administrator of the Parks & Neighborhoods Department and the Executive Director of the Conservation Board for Shelby County (TN). Now, Angela serves as the Deputy Administrator, Environmental Health, and Sustainability. Angela has partnered with TDEC’s Tires to Trails program, served as President of the TRPA, and serves on the Equity sub-committee of the SCORP 2030 Plan. Her engagement with organizations has led to partnerships that enhance environmental education and stewardship programs in the community.


Parks and Climate Justice

Monday, June 24
2:15 PM - 3:30 PM