Wildlife (and Pest) Management for Climate Change

Cohort Peer Conversation

The pandemic and climate change are changing the way park practitioners need to manage conflicts with wildlife and other critters.

In this Peer Conversation, you’ll hear how one large urban park is addressing increasing conflicts between people and coyotes driven by changes to habitat usage and human behavior, and how another is addressing new pest control challenges. Participants will learn how the pandemic resulted in changes to human-coyote conflicts and how British Columbia developed a four-pillared approach to coexistence, including attractant management, enforcement, education, and aversion conditioning. They will also hear how temperature fluctuations, precipitation changes, and prolonged fire seasons have reduced the effectiveness of traditional Integrated Pest Management (IPM) techniques. 

Note: This Peer Conversation is a closed session for those working in the nature management field and is not available to general conference participants. If you work in this field, please add your name to the waitlist. Conference organizers will regularly review the waitlist and notify those who are moved into the session or are ineligible to attend so they can register for an alternative.