Testing New Approaches to Climate Resilience in Parks

Innovation Round

In this Innovation Round, hear about new approaches to addressing climate resilience in parks and urban green spaces. Speakers will highlight projects that test new models to address a growing suite of climate-related challenges to urban parks practitioners. Participants will have the opportunity for direct discussion with presenters in the second half of the session.




  • Describe the pressing need for climate resilience in urban parks and green spaces.
  • Identify design features that can enhance the resilience and health benefits of new and existing parks, and learn how to integrate these features into the participatory design process.
  • Identify how to translate high-level geospatial analytics into on-the-ground decision-making and priority setting.
  • Recognize new models and approaches for addressing climate-related challenges faced by urban park practitioners.
  • Discuss successful projects that have implemented innovative solutions for improving climate resilience in urban parks.


Danielle DeMarsh

Senior Project Manager, City of Toronto

Taj Schottland

Senior Climate Program Manager, Trust for Public Land

Liza Meyer

Chief Landscape Architect, Boston Parks

Chris Reed

Founding Director, Stoss Landscape Urbanism