Pollinator Paradise at Woodland Park Zoo

Mobile Workshop

Discover Seattle’s Woodland Park Zoo’s vibrant connection to nature! Join us on a pollinator journey, a part of the movement to conserve the habitats of these essential creatures. Learn about the crucial role pollinators play beyond basic crop pollination, serving as critical indicators of climate change.

You probably know the basics of pollination; however, pollinators are likely doing much more than we could ever imagine, and we can do much more for them in return.

When it comes to climate change, pollinators are a key indicator. Higher temperatures can disrupt the symbiotic relationship between pollinators and flowering plants, as shifts in plant blooming patterns impact the availability of food sources for these essential species. As much as we depend on them to pollinate the world, the pollinators that live in our backyards, orchards, and gardens are dependent on us too, and are directly impacted by our choices. Participants will learn how to make small changes that greatly benefit these animals.

This tour will explore the gardens that make Seattle’s Zoo a paradise for pollinators, highlighting the zoo’s efforts to restore endangered butterflies to Northwest skies. Additionally, attendees will have the opportunity to go behind the scenes to the Zoo Doo compost yard to discover the ins and outs of this unique program that turns animal waste into gardening gold for the community.


  • Outline the zoo's role in conserving pollinator habitats, recognizing the zoo's commitment to fostering resilience for both humans and pollinators.
  • Recognize the broader role of pollinators, extending beyond basic crop pollination, discussing the interconnected relationship between pollinators, climate change, and the preservation of green space.
  • Discuss how experts collaborate to model species and resource conservation for the public.
  • Discuss how waste upcycling is a strategy to achieve park sustainability goals and engage the public.

Tour Leaders

Rebecca Whitham

Vice President of Engagement, Woodland Park Zoo

Erin Sullivan

Animal Care Manager and Entomologist, Woodland Park Zoo