Park Excellence at Seward Park

Weekend Tour

Seattle’s Seward Park stands out (and up!) as a remarkable place that has offered recreation and respite for over 100 years.It is a gem among the city’s nearly 500 parks and was recently recognized by Quiet Parks International and the Green Flag organization award this year.

The Green Flag Award is an international parks excellence standard that recognizes high-quality parks and open spaces. Prior to Seward’s selection, only The Presidio in San Francisco had received this award in our country. Seward Park is now the first municipal park in the U.S. to receive the award.

Quiet Parks designations are given to natural areas near or in cities that offer culturally relevant quiet experiences to urban dwellers.

Join the executive director of Urban Quiet Parks and the international development manager of the Green Flag organization as they team up with the park’s Audubon Center staff and the Seattle Parks team to lead a walk through this 200+ acre gem allowing participants to experience the old growth forest, sweeping shorelines and home to over 100 bird species. We will experience all the features that made the park an ideal candidate for these prestigious designations and go on a treasure hunt to bring our understanding of the programs to life.

Tour Leaders

Todd Burley

Sustainability Advisor, Seattle Parks and Recreation

Joey Manson

Director, Seward Park Audubon Center