Next Gen Recreation: An Augmented Reality Adventure through Carkeek Park

Weekend Tour

With the aid of augmented reality (AR) via the Agents of Discovery mobile app, this tour will take participants on a “mission” custom-designed for Greater & Greener adventurers to explore one of the Emerald City’s hidden park gems on the shores of Puget Sound in northwest Seattle.

Carkeek Park is unique and wondrous, with stunning views of Puget Sound and the Olympic Mountains. It features a popular beach, Piper’s Creek (where salmon return to spawn each fall), the city’s oldest apple orchard, an environmental learning center, and a network of trails through wetlands, meadows, and forestland. 

Participants will download the AR app before or at the start of the tour with a custom-designed Greater & Greener mission made up of challenges, and will be guided by a Field Agent (aka, a Seattle Parks and Recreation staffer).

Please note: Wear walking shoes.