Marymoor Park to Eastlake Sammamish Trail Tour

Weekend Tour

Begin at Marymoor Park, the jewel of King County parks, and see the wide variety of park amenities and activities available to visitors at this popular 640-acre space, which more than 3 million people visit annually. Soccer, baseball, cricket, tennis, and other sports are played here regularly on more than a dozen athletic fields. The park is also home to the state’s only bicycling velodrome with a 400-meter circuit and a 40-acre dog’s off-leash area. Visit the new Light Rail station and trail that brings more people to the park on public transit. 

After our walk, we bike down the East Lake Sammamish Trail, the last segment of which finished in early 2024, completing the 44-mile lake-to-locks trail. Along the way, visit new fish culverts, waterfront parks, and views of Lake Sammamish. Learn about how this trail was built from Marymoor to Issaquah. The East Lake Sammamish Trail is part of the Locks to Lakes Corridor, a 44-mile-long regional trail corridor that links Seattle to eastern suburbs and the Cascade Mountains foothills.  

Please note: Wear walking shoes. Walking will mostly be on the pavement: sidewalks and paved pathways. Bikes are provided.