Finding Alignment Between Donors and Community

Cohort Peer Conversation

Since 2020, those who raise funding for parks have been increasingly thinking about how issues of equity, access, and belonging in public spaces may surface in new ways. For example, they are increasingly concerned about unintentionally contributing to a sense of alienation or disenfranchisement among low-income communities and/or communities of color when the goals of donors may not align with community priorities.

Join this conversation with two thoughtful park leaders about how to create fundraising programs that increase inclusion, engagement, commitment, and ownership through philanthropy while still meeting the revenue goals required by our organizations to do their work. They’ll cite a fascinating case study from San Francisco’s India Basin Waterfront Park. 

Note: This Peer Conversation is a closed session for park fundraising staff and is not available to general conference participants. If you work in the fundraising development field, please add your name to the waitlist. Conference organizers will regularly review the waitlist and notify those who are moved into the session or are ineligible to attend so they can register for an alternative.