Design in Kinship

Cohort Peer Conversation

Join design professionals for this Peer Conversation about the value of pre-design relationship building. There is momentum in the field toward prioritizing proactive trust-building and long-term relationships on projects that support community priorities, leadership, benefits, and power-sharing. How can this approach be normalized as a standard part of practice? 

Research identifies various pathways to prioritize more equitable planning during the design phase of park projects. Utilizing existing programs such as community design centers, designers in residence, or professors of practice can prove instrumental in pursuing these objectives. Furthermore, partnering with organizations that have already shown commitment to equity, including BIPOC-led land conservancies, utility districts, Justice40, and restorative economic programs, can effectively promote pre-design relationship building. Additionally, it is important to engage with upstream agencies such as disaster planning and recovery and flood control districts to ensure the advancement of these values.

Note: This Peer Conversation is a closed session for designers of any sector and is not available to general conference participants. If you work in the design field, please add your name to the waitlist. Conference organizers will regularly review the waitlist and notify those who are moved into the session or are ineligible to attend so they can register for an alternative.