Plenary Archive

  • At the Greater & Greener Conference, Urban Parks Officials and Advocates Talk Equity and Climate Change

    This article originally appeared on Inside Climate News. 

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  • Philly parks draw visitors from 6 countries during international conference

    The article was initially published by WHYY.

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  • Stephanie Rivera Fenniri

    Community Advocate and Ph.D. Student in City and Regional Planning
    Weitzman School of Design, University of Pennsylvania
  • With Segway tour, Philly kicks off international parks conference boasting 900 people from 200 cities

    The article was originally published by The Philadelphia Inquirer.

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  • Chris Guillard

    Founding Partner
    CMG Landscape Architecture
  • Tara Rasheed

    Senior Project Manager
    Fairmount Park Conservancy
  • Mary Margaret Jones

    President and CEO
    Hargreaves Jones
  • Mitch Landrieu

    Senior Advisor to the President for Infrastructure Coordination
    The White House
  • Peer to Peer Session Group

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  • Andrea Batista Schlesinger

    Managing Partner
    HR&A Advisors
  • Marisa Denker

    Founder & CEO
    Connect the Dots
  • Tonnetta Graham

    Founder & President
    Strawberry Mansion Community Development Corporation
  • Cassie Bethoney

    Project Manager and Registered Landscape Architect
    Weston & Sampson
  • LaJuan Tucker

    Interim Project Manager, Civilian Conservation Corps
    City of Austin Parks and Recreation Department
  • Jim Sonnhalter

    Planning Manager, Design & Implementation
    Cuyahoga County Planning Commission
  • Rachel Maher

    Director of Communications and Policy
    Park Pride
  • Nancy Goldenberg

    President & CEO
    Laurel Hill Cemetery and West Laurel Hill Cemetery & Funeral Home