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Urban Agriculture: Growth in a Food Desert

Community development in a rapidly changing city continues to challenge Denver’s most economically marginalized neighborhoods. Two particular organizations: Denver Urban Gardens (DUG) and Re:Vision have been working diligently to ensure these marginalized neighborhoods preserve their culture while transforming them into thriving, resilient communities.

Denver Urban Gardens believes that communities must drive change if it will be lasting. DUG operates over 170 community gardens throughout Metro Denver including more than 40 school-based community gardens.

Re:Vision believes that lasting community work is led by the community. In order to create a thriving, resilient community, knowledge, wealth, and resources must be developed by, for, and owned by the people.

This tour will focus on learning about the vibrant urban agriculture food scene in Denver and highlight how food can be used as a powerful tool in economic growth, personal financial freedom, job training, and creating a lasting sense of community.