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Go Fish!


The South Platte River has undergone a massive cleanup and restoration effort over the last 30 years. On June 16, 1965, fourteen inches of rain fell in just over four hours, sending a torrent of water down the South Platte River through the heart of Denver. The resulting flood was the most devastating natural disaster in Denver’s history. Homes, bridges, and businesses were destroyed and washed away. As the floodwaters began to recede, debris littered the South Platte River from city limit to city limit.

The river has been restored from a dumping ground to a place of environmental and recreational pride. Work is continually being done on the river to advance the South Platte River and its watershed as a unique environmental, recreational, cultural, scientific, and historical amenity that uniquely links the Denver community's past with its future.

Enjoy a fly-fishing lesson with local Trout Unlimited representatives while learning about the habitat restoration and recreation changes of the river. You will start the tour at the birthplace of Denver in the heart of downtown. From there, ride a trolly to Crescent Park where you will have the opportunity to show a line in the river and fly fish. Along the way, you will hear from Denver Park Rangers and Greenway Leadership Corps Rangers about management of urban native areas. All levels and abilities are welcome to participate.

Note: A fishing license is required by the Colorado Division of Parks and Wildlife to participate on this tour. The fee for a one-day license is $16.75. Participants are encouraged to sign up and pay for their license in advance of the tour. Visit and indicate your age and residency. Select the F82-Fishing 1-Day License from the options. The fishing portion of this tour is "wet wading;" and participants are strongly encouraged to bring wet shoes, sandals, or sneakers as your feet will get wet. Flip flops are not advised. Participants are strongly encouraged to have acclimated to altitude for at least 24 hours. Sunscreen, sunglasses, long pants and a hat are recommended.