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Keynote | Mayors Forum: City Building

Our Day 2 keynote and Mayors Forum discussion will feature how city leaders and their community partners are tackling urban challenges holistically, with parks at the center of their strategies. Innovative leaders are leveraging parks to address racial and economic inequities and promote more integrated communities, to manage urban growth and drive neighborhood reinvestment, and to make densely developed areas more livable and family-friendly. City parks have grown beyond their traditional physical and conceptual boundaries and now serve multiple functions as part of a system that enables cities to operate. Parks provide health, environmental, and economic benefits, supporting our ability to live together in urban areas.

The Mayors Forum will continue the Greater & Greener tradition of hosting a plenary panel of mayors for a conversation that will explore the changing role of parks as critical urban infrastructure. Mayors will share how they have incorporated parks to help address infrastructure challenges, and will discuss strategies on how to break down social and economic stratification to create more inclusive, just and democratic cities. The Forum’s discussion will include how mayors govern, manage, and program public green assets.

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Slide Deck: Mayors Forum Presentations

Slide Deck: Erion Veliaj Keynote