Session Details

Parks and Private Development: Designing Multi-Functional Infrastructure

This session will look at large-scale planning and implementation of park systems that are catalyzing mixed-use communities in the Americas in partnership with private sector developers.

Structured as a public/private partnership between the City of Austin and developer Catellus, the Mueller community pioneered areas of water conservation, sustainable stormwater infrastructure, and ecological services through the development of a parks system that encompasses 20% of the 700-acre development. Located on the site of an abandoned airport, Mueller served as a pilot project for the LEED for Neighborhood Development program and is now the largest neighborhood in the U.S. to receive LEED ND gold status.

Attendees will also hear about Bogota, Colombia’s North City project, one of the first of its kind in Latin America, where the city is working with the private sector to design a park-centered sustainable city with 450,000 new homes.