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Genesee Challenge Course with Bison Spectators

Genesee is Denver’s largest mountain park at over 2,400 acres and only 30 minutes west of the city. Genesee offers diverse visitor experiences, from bison viewing and picnicking, to backcountry hiking and rappelling. Set in a beautiful stand of Ponderosa pines overlooking the Continental Divide is a challenge course waiting to test participants.

Spend part of the tour experiencing low element activities 1-2 feet off the ground while enjoying the stunning views of the Indian Peaks Wilderness. Draw on the knowledge and ideas of your co-participants as we progress through more difficult activities in creative and cooperative manners. Finish the day with a stop at the recently constructed Patrick House Trailhead to learn the history of Genesee Park and hear local lore and legend of the haunted Patrick House from the bison caretaker as he talks about the challenges and successes of managing one of the first conservation herds in the United States.

Genesee Park is located at an elevation of over 7,000 ft above sea level. Dress in layers, and be prepared for adverse conditions as the weather can change very quickly.

Note: Participants should wear athletic shoes with good tread. Dress in layers, and bring a hat and a water bottle. Participants are strongly encouraged to have acclimated to altitude for at least 24 hours. Sunscreen and sunglasses are recommended.

A waiver of liability form is required for this tour. Please download the form, fill-it out, and bring it with you to the tour.

DPR Health Form & Waiver - ENGLISH

DPR Health Form & Waiver - SPANISH