Why Attend Greater & Greener

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Cross-Sector Conversation, Multi-Functional Solutions

Greater & Greener 2019 is an exciting blend of indoor sessions and outdoor experiences that bring the power of parks to life. The five-day conference starts with more than a dozen guided weekend tours highlighting the vast outdoor resources and landmarks of the Denver metro area – including Paco Sanchez Park, Confluence Park, Red Rocks, Stapleton, and more. Mobile workshops complement plenaries and sessions on Monday and Tuesday to continue the immersive experience. On Wednesday, the International Forum provides an in-depth look at select projects and models from around the globe.

Greater & Greener is the leading international conference for exploring the role of parks in addressing some of the biggest challenges in cities. The highly curated sessions, workshops, and tours facilitate an honest dialogue around solutions, cross-sector and peer-to-peer networking, and tools for building successful park partnerships. Greater & Greener 2019: Exploring Natural Connections emphasizes the natural connections between parks and quality of life, parks and equitable economic benefits, parks and environmental resilience, and the role of parks and city-building. The sessions and networking opportunities will emphasize the natural connections between agencies, across sectors, and with communities.

Join innovators and decision makers from across the global urban parks community in forging a greater and greener path for our cities and urban landscapes in Denver, CO, July 20-24, 2019.


Seven Reasons Not to Miss Greater & Greener 2019

  • Address the Serious Issues Facing Parks and Cities
    Greater & Greener is the only conference dedicated to exploring the full potential of parks as city-building tools. Conference tracks will explore parks and infrastructure, job creation, municipal cost-savings, economic drivers, health benefits, quality of life, competitive advantages between cities as they vie for residents, lure businesses and solve environmental challenges. The highly curated experience with peers and expert voices from across sectors help fosters an honest conversation about the role of parks in solving some of the most challenging issues cities face today.
  • Experience the Denver Parks System
    At Greater & Greener 2019, you will experience the unique Denver park system. Enjoy expert-led tours and workshops highlighting key topics from infrastructure and design, to public-private partnerships, technology, funding, and maintenance. You’ll experience local initiatives and meet the innovators behind these creative solutions.
  • Invest in Your Organization
    Keep your organization on the leading edge while learning the latest research, thinking, and solutions for building, funding, programming, and maintaining parks. Greater & Greener speakers and sessions provide repeatable models and recommendations from some of the most innovative leaders in the parks and recreation world.
  • Invest in Yourself with Continuing Education Credits
    Greater & Greener 2019 is full of continuing education or professional development opportunities that help you maintain your licenses and advance your career. Greater & Greener will announce available credits once sessions are certified, but the 2017 conference included credits for Certified Parks and Recreation Professionals (CRRP), Certified Parks and Recreation Executives (CPRE), Landscape Architect Continuing Education Systems (LA CES), and Certification Maintenance for Planners (CM CREDITS).
  • Join a Global Conversation with Other Park Leaders

    Greater & Greener 2019 is presented by City Parks Alliance in partnership with Denver Parks & Recreation. Join leaders from Denver and 200+ cities around the globe for this dynamic gathering. For the latest conference updates, sign up for our newsletter and connect with City Parks Alliance on Facebook or Twitter using #greatergreener.

  • Learn from Unique and Repeatable Partnership Models
    Through a unique blend of tours, mobile workshops, deep-dive sessions, innovation labs and other sessions, Greater & Greener explores the natural connections in your own cities. Speakers and moderators are carefully selected and sessions are specifically designed to demonstrate innovative, repeatable partnerships involving public, private, advocacy, funding, and other sectors to provide multiple perspectives.
  • Leverage Networking Opportunities
    Greater & Greener provides valuable networking opportunities with park leaders from across the country and around the world through its many tours, mobile workshops, specific peer-to-peer sessions, receptions, and other special events.
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"As a partner of a National Forest, I was surprised how much I had to talk about with Parks and Recreation Professionals. I particularly enjoyed the fundraising and development sessions and have stayed connected with some of the people I met in those sessions.

I think that Federal Lands partners can learn a lot about donor stewardship from City Parks. I will definitely be implementing some of the fundraising strategies I learned in the sessions I attended."

Rika Nelson, Executive Director of Discover Your Forest in Oregon