About Greater & Greener


Greater & Greener is the Premiere International Urban Parks Conference

For more than a decade, Greater & Greener has been the leading international conference for urban park leaders, city planning and design professionals, public officials, advocates, funders, and innovators to explore the role of parks and recreation in addressing some of the biggest challenges facing 21st Century cities. The highly curated sessions, workshops, and tours facilitate an honest dialogue around solutions, cross-sector and peer-to-peer networking, and tools for building successful park partnerships.   

Greater & Greener 2019: Exploring Natural Connections is presented by City Parks Alliance, the only independent, nationwide membership organization dedicated solely to urban parks. The conference will bring together more than 1,000 leaders from parks and recreation, public works, transportation, city planning and other municipal agencies, mayors, advocacy and funding organizations, community leaders, designers and landscape architects, real estate developers and other stakeholders involved in city building.

Greater & Greener explores how urban parks can be designed, developed, programmed, funded, and sustained to meet increasing city demands. By expanding the discussion to new audiences and emphasizing the relevance of urban parks to engage leaders from across sectors, Greater & Greener aims to inspire reimagining of parks in a broad new context of economic, environmental, and social opportunities. 

Greater & Greener 2019: Exploring Natural Connections comes to Denver, CO, July 20-24. The Denver metropolitan region is one of the fastest growing in the U.S., due in part, to the city's ongoing commitment to an outdoor urban lifestyle. The entire city is our venue as historic vision and modern execution of the Denver park system provide first-hand examples of urban park planning, partnerships, design, and programming.

Over the five days of the conference, attendees can visit and experience the inspiring Denver metro area, including its impressive mountain parks, through our Weekend Tours. They can learn and engage in our breakout sessions, then enhance their learning through our Mobile Workshops. Or invest in networking with peers and across sectors at our special events. On the final day, it is time for our International Forum, where attendees can get an in-depth look at select projects and models from around the globe.


Toro Urban Park Innovation Award

The Toro Urban Park Innovation Award, sponsored by The Toro Company, recognizes innovation in park management and practices and is presented in partnership with City Parks Alliance. The award is announced ahead of the Greater & Greener international urban parks conference and is one of the ways that the conference creates a lasting impact on the parks and community. The Toro Company and City Parks Alliance will be announcing the 2019 Denver-based winner soon.

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