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Bike the High Line Canal: A Crown Jewel of Denver’s Trail Network

Meandering 71 miles through the diverse physical and social mosaic of the region, experiencing the High Line Canal means connecting with nature and communities. The High Line Canal is one of the longest and most spectacular linear urban parks in the nation. It spans 11 governmental jurisdictions as its tree-lined banks weave through residential neighborhoods, public parks, golf courses, cemeteries, commercial and industrial lands, all while offering those traveling the trail a slice of nature in the City.

With the indisputable urgency for conservation and environmental protection of the natural places we love, the Canal has become a prime example of how we can adapt infrastructure from the past to serve the needs of the future. More than 80 percent of the water diverted to the Canal seeps into the ground or evaporates prior to reaching its intended end use, which means that the community needs to generate uses for the Canal and its greenway that will preserve the qualities that people love about it–spending time walking, riding and recreating along the Canal. To that end, the Conservancy and Denver Water have been leading a comprehensive planning project to examine the long-term purpose of the Canal and its natural and recreational resources. Experience a 12 mile bike ride along some of the most spectacular and diverse segments of the Canal while learning about the plan for the Canal’s future. The tour will be led by the High Line Canal Conservancy.

Note: Participants must have the ability to ride 12 miles on a flat trail that begins as gravel and transitions to asphalt. Participants are strongly encouraged to have acclimated to altitude for at least 24-36 hours. Wear comfortable shoes with good tread. Sunscreen and sunglasses are recommended.