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PARKXCHANGE Workshop: Developing Citywide Park Partnerships

Citywide park nonprofits are playing an increasingly critical role in raising funds for parks, bringing needed attention and resources to parks in low-income communities, building the capacity of park partners, and advocating for increased park and recreation budgets.

Hear from three of the most successful citywide park nonprofits in the country – Seattle Parks Foundation, Los Angeles Parks Foundation and Austin Parks Foundation. Participants will learn when and how they were created, how they raise and distribute funds and support their grassroots park partners. You’ll also learn about their strategies for increasing public investments in parks and what they consider the most critical elements of their success over the last 20 years.

Participants will also analyze a case study on the formation of a successful citywide park nonprofit and how the city adjusted its approach to partnering with nonprofits to facilitate stronger and more effective public-nonprofit park partnerships. Participants are encouraged to attend the workshop with public, nonprofit and private sector leaders from their cities, if possible, in order to explore ways to strengthen their own cross-sector partnerships.

Trust for Public Land will share its research on the growing role and financial impact of parks non-profits, particularly citywide park nonprofits, and discuss the lessons learned and implications for the future of public parks.

Session Presentation Slides

Slide Deck: PARKXCHANGE Workshop: Developing Citywide Park Partnerships


  • Learn about the roles city-wide park nonprofits are playing in raising significant funds for parks throughout their cities, building the capacity of smaller park and community-based organizations, ensuring equitable park investments in disadvantaged communities, and building an active parks constituency to advocate for park policies and investments
  • Learn how to assess your local park organizational ecosystem, identify assets, and determine the most effective structure and roles for your city-wide park nonprofit.
  • Learn about successful and sustainable funding strategies for city-wide park nonprofits.