Session Details

PARKXCHANGE Workshop: Developing City-wide Park Partnerships

During this Deep Dive Interactive Workshop, participants will learn how to apply the principles for successful park partnerships to their own work through in-depth analysis of case studies from other cities, discussion with guest speakers sharing their approaches, and small group discussion with peers from around the country.

This workshop will focus, in particular, on strategies for building effective and sustainable city-wide park partnerships, such as city-wide parks foundations and advocacy organizations.  Participants are encouraged  to attend the workshop with public, nonprofit and private sector leaders from their cities, if possible, in order to maximize the opportunity to explore ways to strengthen their own cross sector partnerships.

Trust for Public Land will also share its research on the growing role and financial impact of parks non-profits and discuss the lessons learned and implications for the future of public parks.  City Parks Alliance has collaborated with park leaders around the country to offer PARKXCHANGE City Workshops in their cities.

This workshop is your opportunity to tap into those skills and expertise at Greater & Greener.  


  • Learn about the roles city-wide park nonprofits are playing in raising significant funds for parks throughout their cities, building the capacity of smaller park and community-based organizations, ensuring equitable park investments in disadvantaged communities, and building an active parks constituency to advocate for park policies and investments.
  • Learn how to assess your local park organizational ecosystem, identify assets, and determine the most effective structure and roles for your city-wide park nonprofit.
  • Learn about successful and sustainable funding strategies for city-wide park nonprofits.
  • Take away sample partnership agreements to use as templates for your park partnerships.