Why We Need Safe, Healthy, Inclusive Communities

Why We Need Safe, Healthy, Inclusive Communities

The past few years have demonstrated beyond a shadow of a doubt just how integral urban parks are to the health and well-being of cities and people. 


Building safe, healthy, welcoming, and inclusive community spaces begins with centering the voices and needs of all community members–particularly those whose opinions and input have been historically overlooked or negated altogether. 


We know many challenges remain. How can we improve community conditions without contributing to gentrification and displacement? How can we overcome decades of marginalization, restore trust and build authentic relationships?

Photography courtesy of Philadelphia Parks and Recreation

This year’s Greater & Greener (June 18-21, 2022)  showcases places and organizations that have successfully taken on the challenge of building “Safe, Healthy, Inclusive Communities,” one of four engaging conference tracks. Through mobile tours, interactive workshops, and panel and peer discussions, you’ll see and hear first-hand from community leaders and members about topics such as:



And don’t miss out on these mobile workshops:


We’ve brought together some of the most visionary speakers and parks projects – and we can’t wait to share them with you! See you in Philly.