Susan Trautman

CEO at Great Rivers Greenway

Susan K. Trautman, CPRP is the Chief Executive Officer of Great Rivers Greenway. Since 2010, she has been instrumental in advancing a vision of improving the quality of life in St. Louis by building a 600-mile web of greenways, parks and trails throughout the region.

Great Rivers Greenway is a regional park district covering 1,200 square miles and serving a population of nearly two million people. Working with over 200 partners, she oversees initiatives that impact more than 100 municipalities, creating and preserving outdoor spaces, connecting people to nature, linking and strengthening neighborhoods, encouraging healthier active lifestyles, and stimulating the regional economic well-being.

Trautman is now spearheading an effort to develop Brickline Greenway, a major public-private partnership to connect 18 vibrant neighborhoods to business and arts districts, educational and cultural institutions, employment centers, transit hubs, and numerous parks (national, regional, and local).


Reclaiming Lost Histories with Revitalized Public Spaces

Monday, June 20
2:30 PM - 3:45 PM