Stephanie Crockatt

Executive Director at Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy

Stephanie Crockatt joined the Buffalo Olmsted Parks Conservancy in June, 2014, originally as the Director of Development. She was hired into the role of Executive Director in May of 2015.

Stephanie holds both her Bachelor of Landscape Architecture and Master of Parks and Recreation from Michigan State University. Her early career evolved from golf course design into a 13-year career with ladies professional golf in tournament management. Eight of those years she served as President and CEO of the LPGA Tournament Owners Association. Stephanie left the nonprofit realm in 2007 to lead the Development team at the College of Environment & Design at the University of Georgia, until she was recruited to Buffalo.

Building upon her background in landscape architecture with non-profit association management and higher-ed fundraising, has brought Stephanie’s career full circle. Today she oversees a mission of enhanced stewardship for Buffalo’s historic Olmsted Park System; the first urban park system designed in the nation. The entire system is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Since 2004, the Conservancy has been in a public-private agreement with the City of Buffalo caring for 50% of the city’s parkland. The Conservancy fundraises over 60% of its $5.1 million operational budget annually. The organization employs over 120 full and part time workers, and engages over 2,000 volunteers.


Olmsted Parks: Can They Still Help Us Heal?

Monday, June 20
11:15 AM - 12:30 PM