Latifah Abdullah

Community Leader at North Richmond, CA

Latifah Abdullah is a homeowner in an unincorporated city in Northern California. She actively participates in various community initiatives and consistently communicates with elected officials. For her participation, she expects to assist in realizing the full potential of the community – the people, land, and shoreline. Ultimately, she expects to contribute to the quality of life of residents.

To that end, she recently launched a digital space to support her community. The space shares resources; provides project transparency, and encourages civic participation. Her corporate background is in legal, compliance, and corporate governance. She has worked in various industries, including benefits consulting, law, mortgage, and real estate.

Previously, she used her business experience to support small business owners, corporate executives, and nonprofits. She successfully promoted and showcased women through empowerment video broadcasts, vlogs, blog posts, radio, digital publications, offline events, and social media platforms. She provided timely solutions for life and business. Latifah is a proponent of mind care; she is the course creator for “Journey to Your Authentic Self.”


Community Leadership in Planning and Managing Parks and Public Spaces

Tuesday, June 21
2:30 PM - 3:45 PM