Chris Young

Professor, Project Manager at Urban Ecology Center

Chris Young serves the Urban Ecology Center as a project manager sharing the UEC model with organizations in other cities. This outreach effort combines his passion for connecting people to nature and a dedication to supporting environmental education in cities, especially bridging neighborhoods that are under-resourced. This is the best way of directly responding to social inequity and addressing environmental justice. He teaches biology, science education, environmental science, and the history of science at Alverno College in Milwaukee.

As part of a natural history course, Chris takes students to parks, wild places, and degraded property across the city to explore nearby nature. He also teaches a climate change course that addresses global responses. He is the author of “In the Absence of Predators: Conservation and Controversy on the Kaibab Plateau” and recently coedited the volume “Nature Remade”, published by the University of Chicago Press.


Transforming Parks: A Case Study Approach for Connecting Communities to Nature

Monday, June 20
12:30 PM - 1:45 PM