Alvaro Drake-Cortez

Entrepreneurship Program Manager at The Welcoming Center

Alvaro Drake-Cortes is a Program Manager for The Welcoming Center’s Entrepreneurship program, where he supports immigrant entrepreneurs in establishing and operating successful businesses. Prior to coming to The Welcoming Center, Alvaro worked with departments of health and non-profit organizations, as well as community members and volunteers, to design and implement healthy food access programs that would empower small business owners to market fresh foods in their communities. He was also a certified educator in Philadelphia’s charter school system, and a liaison for the U.S. Army, coordinating with international organizations to deliver humanitarian aid to displaced persons and refugees around the world.

Alvaro is a native of Colombia. He has a deep interest in empowering communities to meet and rise above their social and economic challenges. He believes that “there’s nothing we can’t accomplish – if we are thoughtful in our planning, and diligent in our implementation.”

Alvaro has an M.Ed, and a BA in film production from Temple University, and holds certificates in project and sporting events management, and coaching.


Immigrant Food Culture at FDR Park: A 40-Year Journey of Resilience, Recognition, and Inclusion

Monday, June 20
11:15 AM - 12:30 PM