The Global Context: Parks’ Roles in Health, Climate, and Biodiversity


This panel will explore the status of park systems in Mexico, the UK, and Canada and how they are addressing health equity, climate change, and the biodiversity crisis. Speakers will look at historical patterns of investment and planning, social as well as physical access and use, and approaches for adaption to changing environmental conditions in developed and emerging cities. Attendees will hear an international perspective on contemporary park topic such as management, financing, and urban planning.


  • Learn how COVID-19 has impacted the intersection of parks and public health
  • Deepen your understanding of the factors that impact access to the health benefits of parks by considering aspects of park quality and socio-cultural experiences
  • Increase knowledge of practical strategies municipalities and community groups are using to improve health equity through adopting a holistic approach to park access
  • Recognize how urban parks impact climate change mitigation in emerging cities and about resilience and adaptation strategies deployed in their urban parks
  • Learn how to track and quantify emissions and savings from urban parks management


Jayne Miller

Chair, World Urban Parks

Stephanie Stanov

Project Manager, Park People

German Enriquez

Parks Senior Advisor, City of San Pedro Garza García