Reclaiming Lost Histories with Revitalized Public Spaces


Public art projects in parks and greenways can be important vehicles to help uncover lost stories of the surrounding community, challenge narratives, and celebrate racial justice. This panel will tell the story of a new greenway using the opportunity to remember, honor and celebrate a neighborhood once home to 20,000 Black residents that was demolished in the late 1950s in the name of urban renewal, and how in another city, a process has begun to work with communities to uplift and recover histories on public lands that have been overlooked of special importance to Black, LGBTQ people, and the Chicano movement.


  • Learn approaches for buiding relationships with historically marginalized communities and create governance and funding structures that allow for power-sharing and collaboration
  • Learn how to partner with artists and cultural organizations to create vibrant public spaces that reflect local culture
  • Understand strategies to design, build, and operate a project that leverages public and private funding and resources in a variety of partnership models


Eric Riley

Planning Associate, Kounkuey Design Initiative

Rasul Mowatt

Department Head of Parks, Recreation, and Tourism Management, North Carolina State University

Sean Woods

Chief of Planning, Los Angeles County Department of Parks and Recreation

Susan Trautman

CEO, Great Rivers Greenway