Nature, Trauma, and Healing

Innovation Round

As communities increasingly view their local parks as a places of positive, safe, and healthy activities, grassroots efforts have created a push for culturally relevant and inclusive programming that addresses historic traumas and opens a dialogue for mental health conversations.

This innovation round will discuss the design and long-term sustainability of greenspace initiatives dedicated to healing and peace. Presenters will also share insights learned from their role in fostering and supporting long-term stewardship of these healing spaces, and how to integrate these programs into park and recreation offerings.


  • Learn how urban parks support the health and wellbeing of an underserved community
  • Learn to recognize signs of mental health and first aid needs and how to offer support to those in need of services
  • Learn how to create and foster an engaged network of community volunteers using nature to serve their communities
  • Understand the roles of partner organizations in land acquisition, leveraging funding sources, and design development to achieve grassroots objectives
  • Understand how to design and plan for resilient and inclusive community park spaces that are low-maintenance, aesthetically pleasing, and allow for long-term community participation and stewardship


Akiima Price

Family & Community Engagement Specialist, Self

Nina Comiskey

Associate, VMDO Architects

Alden Stoner

CEO, Nature Sacred

David Wilson

Project Manager, L.A.N.D. studio, Inc.