Inspiring and Transformative Approaches to Climate Adaptation


Climate change is forcing cities to take drastic measures to address increasing challenges for their citizens and businesses, and look globally for ideas and solutions. This panel will explore how, since 2015 Copenhagen, Denmark, and New York City have worked together to develop innovative solutions for their common climate change issues, developing and implementing green climate adaptation solutions to confront climate change and improve quality of life for their citizens.

In a small-city example, coastal Brownsville, TX is addressing major stormwater issues and greenspace deficits through the development of a stormwater management system that can reduce environmental hazards and restore water quality. Presenters will share the vision, challenging journey, and ultimate success of a small urban city’s efforts to build a tiered stormwater management park Inspired by Rotterdam’s water square benthemplein.


  • Learn how partnerships and funding can be leveraged for trend-setting design solutions
  • Learn about transformative urban design in both green infrastructure development and storm water management
  • Understand how to manage the challenges of cross-sector collaboration in the implementation of storm water management and green infrastructure


Cassie Bethoney

Project Manager and Registered Landscape Architect, Weston & Sampson

Maria Nardi

Director of Miami Dade County Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces, Miami Dade County

Damaris McGlone

Parks and Recreation Department Director, City of Brownsville