Greening Philadelphia: How Horticulture is Impacting the City

Mobile Workshop

Join the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS) on a tour of how this lauded non-profit has shaped the cityscape of Philadelphia through its programs that use horticulture and gardening to advance the health and well-being of the region. With a combination of public landscapes, community gardens, tree and vacant land care programs, PHS is shaping Philadelphia into a greener and more environmentally equitable city.

In this mobile workshop, participants will see and learn about PHS’ full suite of innovative approaches. Participants will see key Philadelphia public gardens that PHS plants and maintains, including Center City’s iconic Logan Square, and the Philadelphia Navy Yard, where PHS staff will discuss the design, planting, and maintenance of urban gardens. Participants will also tour key tree planting sites and learn about the many health and environmental benefits of working to increase the tree canopy in cities. This workshop will also include a visit to community gardens and remediated vacant lots to talk about why these spaces are important as cultural and social hubs and hear scientific data that supports why greening in urban environments contributes to a healthier neighborhood.


  • Gain insight on how to work in partnership with cities to create public gardens and landscapes
  • Understand the benefits of caring for vacant land through greening
  • Recognize the importance of urban tree canopy
  • Learn why community gardens are essential community spaces

Tour Leaders

Matt Rader

President, Pennsylvania Horticultural Society

Julianne Schrader Ortega

Chief of Programs, The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society

Keith Green

Senior Director of LandCare and Workforce Development, The Pennsylvania Horticultural Society