Funding Advocacy for Resilient Parks


This panel explores advocacy approaches for attaining funding equity for resilient parks. Most funding for parks and resiliency is generated through voter-approved measures at the state and local levels. Since 1988, voters in cities, counties, and states have approved over 2,000 ballot measures, creating $85 billion in new funding for parks, conservation, and climate. Nonprofits have been involved in many of these successful ballot measures, developing their advocacy chops and, in some cases, truly transforming their organizations. This panel will also share tools needed to lead or support ballot measures.

At the local level, this panel will also explore how the Philadelphia Parks Alliance has successfully built and sustained a diverse coalition of supporters over the years, winning major victories for capital investment in parks and recreation sites, even as it has failed in fights to win funding increases in operating budgets. Panelists will discuss best practices in coalition-building between paid staff from an advocacy organization and all-volunteer community advocacy groups.


Adam Ganser

Executive Director, New Yorkers for Parks

Alice Brown

Chief of Policy and Planning, Boston Harbor Now

Alex Doty

Executive Director, Philadelphia Parks Alliance