Federal Community Development Funding Opportunities for Sustainable Infrastructure


This session will highlight how federal sources of community development financing can be used to address sustainable and inclusive community infrastructure investments. Speakers will provide a context of equity and inclusions issues faced by local governments and present hypothetical situations, where panelists from the federal government will illustrate how their agency’s respective financing could work. As agency representatives present possible solutions, the panelists will underscore key considerations and opportunities for better integration.


  • Learn about major sources of community development financing to address inclusive and equitable community infrastructure
  • Learn strategies to maximize federal resources available for equitable and sustainable development
  • Understand key considerations for federal funding opportunities and how to integrate equity and inclusion goals in local government programming and projects


Robert Hanifin

Project Development Lead, Build America Bureau, U.S. Department of Transportation

Kimberly Burrowes

Technical Assistance Manager, Urban Institute

Patricia "Tish" Corbett

Land Revitalization Coordinator, US EPA

Seema Thomas

Deputy Director, U.S. Dept of HUD, Community Planning & Development, Office of Block Grant Assistance