City Parks Lab Poster Session

Poster Session

Meet, discuss and learn from a curated group of presenters sharing new research, tools and practical how-to guidance for parks practitioners at the City Parks Lab. Poster sessions will be open from 12:30-2:30p for attendees to browse, then presenters will be on-site during the 2:30-3:45p educational session to share and hold in-depth discussions.

Invited presenter topics include equitable design for play, innovative parks partnerships, local climate action and resilience tools, new ways to tell stories using data, and reducing violence with green space.

  • Greenspace as a Civic Tool to Reduce Violence and Improve Communities by Anna Laybourn or Design Workshop and Kati Peditto of HDR
  • Enhancing Diversity, Inclusion, Equity and Justice on the Circuit Trails by Daniel Paschall of the East Coast Greenway Alliance
  • Protect Your Park: How to Write Your Own Resilience Check by Carl McClean of the Green Flag Award and Keep Britian Tidy
  • Opportunity Time: Windows for Funding Public Space Creation by Anya Domlesky of SWA Group
  • Climate.Park.Change: An Interactive Toolkit for Resilient Parks by Lanmuzhi Yang of Sasaki
  • Equitable Placemaking and Fostering Belonging in a Changing Community by Sharon Yazowski of the Levitt Foundation
  • Data Storytelling Pains and Gains by Russell Carson of PlayCore
  • New Partnerships for an Expanded Public Realm by Allison Harvey of OJB Landscape Architecture
  • The Meaning of Play and Its Implications for Equitable Design in Urban Spaces by Suzanne Quinn of KOMPAN
  • Carbon Conscience App: Assessing Carbon Impact Early and at Multiple Scales by Shuai Hao of Sasaki
  • PECO’s Path to Clean – Creating a Cleaner, Brighter Future for our Customers and Communities Tom Bonner and Amanda Benner of PECO Energy
  • ParkServe: A national tool to plan new parks for increasing community resilience to climate, health, and pollution issues by Kristen Weil of the Trust for Public Land