Special Workshop Archive

  • Developing Non-Motorized Networks in Smaller Communities

    This Peer-to-Peer conversation will explore the need for non-motorized networks, steps that communities can take to support them, the role of those networks in…

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  • Transforming Parks: A Case Study Approach for Connecting Communities to Nature

    The Urban Ecology Center in Milwaukee invites organizations in other cities to learn from its experience as an environmental education community center with a …

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  • How Park Friends Groups Transition into Operating Relationships with Government

    Are you part of a small- and medium-sized park friends groups looking for practical tips and real-world examples on how to scale your work for greater impact? …

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  • Alice Brown

    Chief of Policy and Planning
    Boston Harbor Now
  • Mickey Fearn

    Professor of Practice
    North Carolina State University School of Natural Resources
  • Maya Rodgers

    Senior Project Manager
    San Francisco Parks Alliance
  • Maria Nardi

    Director of Miami Dade County Parks, Recreation and Open Spaces
    Miami Dade County
  • Allegra “Happy” Haynes

    Executive Director
    Denver Parks and Recreation
  • Patricia “Tish” Corbett

    Land Revitalization Coordinator
    US EPA
  • Christopher Dougherty

    Planner and Project Manager
    Delaware River Waterfront Corporation
  • Justin DiBerardinis

    FDR Park Director
    Philadelphia Parks and Recreation
  • Chris Reed

    Design Director
    Stoss Landscape Urbanism
  • Clara Pregitzer

    Deputy Director of Conservation Science
    Natural Areas Conservancy
  • Damon Rich

    Designer, urban planner, and partner
  • Libertad Figuereo

    Policy Analyst
    Lincoln Institute of Land Policy
  • Veronica Hahni

    Executive Director
    Los Angeles Neighborhood Initiative
  • Jen Mergel

    Project Lead and Curator
    Olmsted Now
  • Dan Rice

    President and Chief Executive Officer
    Ohio & Erie Canalway Coalition
  • Gideon Berger

    Program Director
    City Parks Alliance
  • Bryan Hill

    Principal Planner
    Community Development Partners