How Do We Co-Create Civic Life?

How Do We Co-Create Civic Life?

One of four exciting tracks for the upcoming Greater & Greener conference is “Co-Creating Civic Life.” Urban parks have shown their true value during these last few challenging years. Not only did they emerge as safe spaces for people to find refuge, solace, (socially distanced) community, and connection during the height of the pandemic, they’ve also served as launching pads and organizing spaces for social justice protests where all voices could be heard.

Photography courtesy of Visit Philly.

Yet it wasn’t always so. Cities have a long history of segregation and active discrimination, reflected in persistent underfunding of green spaces in many neighborhoods,  which often fall along stark racial boundaries, or parks and public realm spaces that felt exclusive to some.

In many places, residents, leaders, and government are coming together to ensure urban park systems reflect local diversity and respond to community needs and interests. Communities are grappling with issues like gentrification and how to respectfully incorporate, preserve and present historical land use into present-day parks, and how to actively engage surrounding communities into building welcoming and representative spaces.

We’ll explore these issues and more at Greater & Greener through sessions such as:

Authentic and inclusive design, programming, and management for and by diverse populations have the power to showcase local cultures and to support civic participation.

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The Co-Creating Civic Life program track is sponsored by The John S. and James L. Knight Foundation: